Hotels, serviced apartments and Airbnb provide a huge choice of accommodation options for guests. Everyone seems to have their favourite, but it can be hard to know which is best for your next holiday or business trip.

Airbnb has grown globally, as more and more people have hopped on the trend of using a spare room, holiday home, or apartment for extra income. When booking accommodation for your next holiday, short stay or business trip, travellers are faced with choosing between a hotel, serviced apartment or searching on Airbnb. There are some significant areas of difference  – particularly between serviced apartments vs Airbnb – that can make a real difference for guests. Today we’re looking at seven differences between serviced accommodation and Airbnb that may surprise you.


A major advantage of serviced accommodation over hotels and other forms of accommodation is the amount of space guests enjoy. A serviced apartment or townhouse is ideal for couples, groups or families (of up to five or six) who are on holiday or staying for a week or more. For guests who require even more space, many serviced townhouses have private gardens – perfect for families who want a safe place for children to play.


A significant difference between staying in a serviced apartment vs Airbnb is the quality. Serviced apartments are in the business of providing accommodation and after many years working in the industry, they understand what is important to guests. Serviced apartments and hotels make significant investments, setting up apartments and townhouses with hotel quality beds and linen, to meet a particular standard. Serviced accommodation businesses can’t get away with cheap, uncomfortable beds, a low standard of linen or dirty premises. They simply wouldn’t survive the online world of reviews! Browsing for accommodation options on Airbnb, relies on photographs, which as we all know sometimes don’t match reality. There is very little way of testing the bed or the quality of linen beforehand, and although Airbnb operators depend on reviews, they are not driven by the same need to uphold standards, that professional accommodation businesses are.


One of the biggest differences between staying in serviced accommodation or staying in Airbnb accommodation is the peace of mind that serviced accommodation provides. Most guests, after booking Airbnb accommodation, will experience some apprehension, wondering whether the experience will live up to expectations. Many experiences on Airbnb are positive, but there are also plenty of horror stories, where the accommodation and the service falls well below expectations. Every Airbnb host is different. Every Airbnb apartment or house is different. 

Unlike Airbnb, serviced accommodation and hotels are in the business of providing accommodation for lots of guests on a daily basis. Hotels and serviced accommodation work to provide a consistent experience for guests that can be relied upon. It’s part of the way they attract repeat customers and develop a reputation. Guests book again because they know the bed will be comfortable, there will be plenty of fluffy towels, the kitchen will have everything they need, the apartment will be clean, and the room will be just the right temperature on arrival. 


Customer service is highly regarded and in a competitive industry, its what puts serviced accommodation and hotel providers ahead of the rest. On Airbnb, the level of service guests receive depends on the individual operator and can be a bit hit and miss. Guests are never guaranteed of being able to contact the owner if something goes wrong. Some owners may not even be in the same country. Placing a listing on Airbnb, doesn’t require an understanding or commitment to customer service. In contrast, when you stay in serviced accommodation, there is always someone available to assist if the air conditioner stops working or the oven is playing up. A customer service office is never far away and assistance is only ever a phone call away. 


Serviced accommodation provides the most cost effective form of accommodation for many guests. Although the rate of a serviced apartment or townhouse may initially be more expensive than some other forms of accommodation, serviced accommodation provides the best value for money. Not only do guests stay in a fully furnished apartment or townhouse, with hotel quality beds and linen, but they enjoy the convenience of fully equipped kitchens and laundries, as well as full entertainment features. Guests enjoy the flexibility of being able to reduce costs by preparing their own meals in fully equipped kitchens and sitting down to a meal in a dining area. 


No one is the same and sometimes guests require additional furniture and services that aren’t part of a standard booking. An extra bed, a child’s cot or a desk can usually be provided. There are some additional services that guests have access to when staying in serviced accommodation.

Pets: When relocating to a new city and bringing the family pet, many long term accommodation providers are happy to make arrangements for the family cat or dog to stay.

Gym  discounts: Many hotels and serviced accommodation providers connect with local businesses and services in the area to provide discounts to their guests at gyms and swimming pools.

Dry cleaning & grocery shopping: For a small fee many serviced accommodation providers will drop off and pick up dry cleaning, and can also pick up your groceries, which is really helpful for short stay accommodation guests. 


Another difference between serviced accommodation vs Airbnb is the ability of serviced accommodation to provide discounts for longer term stays. For example, Park Avenue serviced apartments in Melbourne provide discounts for guests who book for more than 28 days. 


Park Avenue provide a selection of premium serviced apartments and townhouses in Glen Waverley in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Located close to public transport and only 30 minutes from the centre of Melbourne, Park Avenue provide a range of services, including discounted rates for long term stays and off street parking. Browse all our properties below and if you have any questions please contact us on 1800 727 528           

IKON Glen Waverley


Short Term Apartment With Style
For a spectacular view of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and right near Glen Waverley Station and The Glen, Ikon Apartments are perfect for a short term stay. The apartments are beautifully furnished and styled for comfort, and all have sunny, private balconies. The kitchen in each apartment has been fitted with all the conveniences of home. This includes stone benchtops, electric ovens, dishwashers, gas stoves and full size fridges. open plan apartment. If you want the security and familiarity of a luxury apartment complex, Ikon is a great choice.



Townhouse Living With Apartment Prices
For those with a larger group or family and possibly a hire care, these Townhouses offer home comforts, with hotel convenience. Longer term guests will appreciate the outdoors in the large private courtyard, which is big enough for children to play in safe surrounds.

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